About Lay-Buy

Affordability and Flexibility

There are many consumers shopping online today that cannot afford to pay the full list price in one upfront payment. These consumers are shouting-out for an affordable payment plan solution like layby/layaway to be offered as a payment option when making payment at your checkout. These consumers are young and old with differing reasons for this affordable and flexible payment option.

If you are selling any products or goods online aligned or related to a themed event, then you need to consider offering them via an affordable, flexible payment option as Lay-Buy. And where you only deliver the product after receiving the final payment.

How it Works

LAY-BUY is a deferred, affordable payment option sellers can offer buyers when browsing, shopping within their online store.

Lay-Buy provides sellers the opportunity to increase sales and improve cash flow by offering buyers the choice of affordably paying for their product purchases or service offering via one down-payment and balance over monthly instalments. Cash flow is improved due to the seller receiving the down payment, instalment payments and then only delivering the product after they have received the final instalment payment.

The seller effectively decides on the down-payment % and the quantity of months they want to offer customers in their checkout – this is via their settings.

All payments are automated between a buyer and seller in PayPal.
Buyers can also payout balance at anytime and take an earlier delivery.

Costs For Consumers

The customer pays a small Lay-Buys admin fee and the amount depends on order value.
This amount is displayed to the buyer prior to payment in PayPal.

Costs For the Retailer

FREE. No hidden fees or ongoing membership costs are payable to Lay-Buys.

Lay-Buys also provide their extension plugin FREE of charge.

Merchants only pay their PayPal transaction fee.
Lay-Buy do not charge any transaction fee.

How Do I Sign Up For An Account?

To register for a Lay-Buy merchant account simply follow this link and enter your business information.

Contact us for more information on our Lay-Buy extension module.