About Lay-Buy

Affordability and Flexibility

There are many consumers shopping online today that cannot afford to pay the full list price in one upfront payment. These consumers are shouting-out for an affordable payment plan solution like layby/layaway to be offered as a payment option when making payment at your checkout. These consumers are young and old with differing reasons for this affordable and flexible payment option.

If you are selling any products or goods online aligned or related to a themed event, then you need to consider offering them via an affordable, flexible payment option as Lay-Buy. And where you only deliver the product after receiving the final payment.

They are, products related or aligned to the below themes:

  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Honeymoon (travel)
  • First Home (contents)
  • Travel
  • Medical treatments
  • Ticketing
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Technology
  • Jewelry
  • Consumer products
  • Computers & electronics
  • Household goods
  • Outdoor living
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Sports
  • Clothing apparel

How it Works

LAY-BUY is a deferred, affordable payment option sellers can offer buyers when browsing, shopping within their online store.

Lay-Buy provides sellers the opportunity to increase sales and improve cash flow by offering buyers the choice of affordably paying for their product purchases or service offering via one down-payment and up to 3 monthly instalments. Cash flow is improved due to the seller receiving the down payment, instalment payments and then only delivering the product after they have received the final instalment payment.

The seller effectively empowers the buyer to decide on the down-payment they can afford to put down and then the quantity of months they need to pay-off the balance of their purchase.

This way buyers have time to pay-off some of the more expensive goods.

Costs For Consumers

The customer pays a small Lay-Buys admin fee and the amount depends on order value.

Costs For the Retailer

FREE. No hidden fees or ongoing membership costs are payable to Lay-Buys.

Lay-Buys also provide their extension plugin FREE of charge.

Merchants will pay their agreed discounted transactional fee they have in place with their payment processor.
Lay-Buy do not charge any transaction fee.

The purpose of the business

An online layby or layaway payment offering provides a flexible and affordable payment option to all online consumers who cannot afford the large upfront capital monies normally required when purchasing many products online.
Layby & Layaway are the flexible, affordable payment options all consumers need and most merchants want.
Online retailer merchants currently do not have an affordable payment option to offer their customers and any new prospective customers.
Our Lay-Buy offering will provide them the opportunity to offer them exactly this and increase their sales exponentially and thereby grow and expand their business.

Business structure

The business is a privately limited company formation.

Our history

Warrin Van Deventer was the founder of Lay-Buy back in 2010.
Being a constant online purchaser of concert tickets, household white goods, electronic goods and many other products, I have found my online purchasing experience to be not only expensive but also unaffordable on many occasions.
The affordability was the usual experience due to multiple online transactions, overlapping time-wise, of various different products and services.
This was particularly evident when purchasing concert tickets and having to furnish our new rental apartment.
This was the birth of the online Lay-Buy and Layaway idea.

Our location

We are based in Brisbane, Australia.
Australia has a large layby market.
Our marketplace is however the world from layby to layaway.

Our industry

The layby & layaway products are an information technology solution within the online retail industry. However the industry is not exclusively retail but rather any given website that sells products or provides a service that can be paid for by a consumer via an affordable instalments based payment plan.
This online retail industry is however very information technology driven and our products are therefore supported by a comprehensive suite of developer kits, APIs and extensions to assist developers with the integration task.

How Do I Sign Up For An Account?

To register for a Lay-Buy merchant account simply follow this link and enter your business information.

Contact us for more information on our Lay-Buy extension module.