Put It On Lay-Buy is the most advanced, comprehensive online layby & layaway system available today on the world-wide web.

It is an online layby or layaway payment method merchant retailers can integrate into their shopping carts via our App, Plugin or extension module.

Lay-Buy Button

The Lay-Buy button is the only button merchants will need to display within their checkout environments. All other checkout buttons, layby / layaway calculators, layby / layaway payment plans and supporting layby / layaway processes are hosted within our environment.

In order to allow any given merchant’s shopping cart to communicate with the Lay-Buy servers, Lay-Buy uses a secure protocol which transfers data regarding both your merchant information and the current product information.

The information concerning the products being purchased must be dynamically created along with your cart. When your customer selects the Put It On Lay-Buy payment option, your shopping cart then redirects using a POST method to the following URL:

These details are then posted via our APIs to PayPal for payment processing.

The Lay-Buy offering is our global solution for all merchants wanting to offer an affordable, flexible payment plan option to customers in their website’s checkout, but where the merchant only delivers the product to the customer after receiving the final payment instalment.