The Shopify Lay-Buy App

Shopify is becoming one of the most highly regarding ecommerce shopping platform used by small business owners and large companies. With the support and flexibility of such a platform should, there is one payment module currently missing that we have created the solution for, which is Lay-Buy.

With quick and easy integration, you can install the Shopify Lay-Buy extension into your website and offer your customers affordable, flexible Shopify layby or layaway payment options.

The Shopify Lay-Buy extension integrates into a Shopify hosted website and is an add-on that provides your shopping cart with a further payment option of a Lay-Buy; allowing customers to select to pay a small deposit and then spread the remainder of the purchase over an agreed timeframe. After receipt of the complete payment, only then would you be required to ship the product(s) to the customer.

In essence, what we have created works as a Down Payment or recurring payment option. Installation is easy with full technical and integration support provided as required. Details on how to manage Shopify Lay-Buy payment schedules and orders is provided also.