Buy any appliance on Lay-Buy

Buying an appliance for layby or layaway is the smarter way to shop and maximize your budget. So many layby appliances are essential for the home, be it a new home or simply re-buying old to new; yet having the funds readily available to complete your transaction at a particular time can be challenging.

Layby appliances are the answer. Simply choose the appliance you desire and Lay-Buy. Pay a small deposit payment towards the appliance purchase price and agree to the Lay-Buy terms set out in the contract and complete the remaining appliance layby payments monthly as prior agreed.

On receipt of your final appliance layby payment, the product will be dispatched to your address noted at the time of initial down payment.

There are vast amounts of appliances where a Lay-Buy agreement could come in handy, so be sure to shop smarter with lay-buys on your appliances.