Vacation plans and deals

Booking your holiday or vacation can be a traumatic decision. There are so many locations and countries that you can choose to go to, but sometimes these places may be out reach financially. Luckily, when it comes to your holiday, you no longer need to compromise. Lay-Buy is the innovative way to book the travel you desire, and to manage your budget more efficiently.

You can book many things on layby or layaway – tickets for flights, cruises, airfares, vacation packages and more.

To travel through layby or layaway, simply ask your agent or check the booking website for the Lay-Buy payment option. This will require you to pay a set deposit amount to hold your booking and then a monthly payment option will be devised which you must adhere to. Once your payments have been completed the vacation booking you places via layaway or layby will be confirmed and reserved for you with the respective airlines etc.

Have a look through the websites of the agents you deal with for the best layaway and layby holiday or vacation plans and packages. You are sure to find the holiday of a lifetime when you book Lay-Buy travel as it gives you freedom and financial control to plan your dream getaway accordingly.

Start planning your dream holiday now and book your tickets on layby or layaway – the smarter and more efficient way to plan your annual holiday.