Buy new shoes

Shoes are an integral part of any outfit, both professionally and casually. Many men and women take pride in their choice of shoes as it really can complete their look and be the difference between looking just ok and great.

As with most items of clothing, the better the quality or brand the more expensive these tend to be priced at. Imagine a scenario of finding a perfect pair of shoes; either for yourself or to buy as a gift, yet you do not have to hand the full amount needed to purchase them.

Whilst this can be undoubtedly frustrating it does not mean that you will not be able to buy the pair of shoes you want. Thanks to the new payment concept of Lay-Buy you can now pay for your shoes for layby or layaway.

Buying Lay-Buy shoes means you pay a small deposit to secure your order and then a monthly payment schedule is agreed whereby you make a monthly lay-by payment for your shoes until the full price is paid for.

Once your Lay-Buy shoes payments are complete the vendor will then mark your order as fulfilled in their respective system and ship your pair of shoes to you (or you can go pick up, depending on your agreed preference). Be sure to ask your vendor about layby and layaway shoes offers and never miss getting the pair of shoes you want because of a lack of funds at the exact time of spotting them.